Sunday, March 8, 2009

Savvy looking might want

Oh, i also liked the way they tied in the flower theme (violet and rose) but didnt use it as a first name which wouldve been too matchy-matchy for my taste. 0 savvy and looking for a new job, you might want to check out this vacancy for a 2. Mirror reports that the megastar is close to signing a deal worth 10 million (nearly $14 million us) to write her autobiography. His speech was less than 10 minutes, the entire event lasted about a half hour. The more important question here is why anyone on this planet uses twitter at all.

Took obviously lots others ages

She won the competition in las vegas. Took me, and obviously lots of others ages to work it out. I never intended for any of this to happen and i apologize to my fans, who i care so deeply about. A message sent at about 12 30 p. Had the traditional miss america managed to escape, however, her only viable option would have been to set the whole thing on fire and walk away whistling thanks for the memories.

Status official website reads just

I see your fat belly hanging all the time, fat ass. The status on her official website reads i just took my babies to our new home and they loved it i can t wait to move in. And most of the celebs get their pr company to write their innermost thoughts anyway. 9million home in calabasas, north west of los angeles. The singer is playing 1,000-to-2,000 seaters with opener the daylights.

Here most notable differences

How nothing but manna from heaven had reigned down upon him. Here are the most notable differences. But i gotta say, you didn t miss much. December saw many idols in grammy contention, including sparks, underwood, fantasia and hudson, with four nominations including best rb album and song for spotlight. Just one question why would the b-tards bother.

Christine swimsuit preliminary

I wasnt duped but several of the people im following were. Christine did win the swimsuit preliminary earlier in the week but did not finish in the top 15 at the national finals saturday night. Because the staff is under a lot of pressure, and working just extremely hard, and are doing a tremendously good job under said extreme pressure, and she very proud of them and the job they do. Fox anchorman bill oreilly was said to be gay on the fox news site (outed at last) while cnn anchor rick sanchez was depicted as saying he wasnt coming into work because he was high on crack. Laura dern was among the best dressed of the night, but her acceptance speech wasn t memorable.

Kill dream miss america

The four contestants who receive the most votes will advance to the top 15 of the miss america pageant. Don t kill the dream, miss america. My idea is to have someone like britney spears move to new york as my cousin or niece, and carrie would show her the ropes. Also, i read it was copywrited by fox. Its just a great, refreshing idea that we have someone other than john mellencamp.

Made money oldfashioned

Not wanting to be confused with the spawn of goldie hawn, kate hudson, she adopted her mother maiden name and decided that working with heavyweights like glen ballard and the matrix was a better ticket to stardom than praying for a showcase spot on the 700 club. She made her money the old-fashioned way - by peddling her flesh. Ive grown up with her since middle school. But that outfit helps make the case for britney as one of america greatest landmarks. But also, this dates back to controversies over indecent movies and video games since the dawn of culturally relevant times.